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Basics of Facebook Page, Promotion, and Boost

Are you an entrepreneur and initiated your business through Facebook Business Page? Then it might be a game-changing step enrolling in this knowledge sharing session.

Now a day, it’s a common question- “How can I reach more people?” though the question should be- “How can I reach a more targeted audience?” We are also getting numerous queries every day for Facebook marketing services but unfortunately, we have to deny so many requests. The only reason behind is Page Quality. We really do care about providing quality services. In Facebook marketing, it’s quite tough to assure quality because of their Machine Learning. So, we tried to take work orders from the pages which meet minimum quality standards.

To empower new entrepreneurs, Wise Dynamic IT is going to take some knowledge sharing/ training sessions on the Basics of Facebook Page, Promotion, and Boost. It will help you to understand the factors that work for a better result from any Facebook Marketing Campaign keeping the page quality uphold.

You can enroll for your place to participate in the online training session by signing up below.

Please note, Training Fee is BDT 600/- (Six Hundred Taka Only)