Wise Dynamic is an information technology-enabled service provider firm that works to empower people in different sectors. Their objectives are to provide affordable digital services to new entrepreneurs and to develop a smooth, and effective business. Here are the terms and conditions applicable to our services:

  1. The Work Order or Purchase Order (If issued) itself will describe the terms and conditions for any particular projects and others will be covered by this terms and conditions documentation.
  2. Usually Wise Dynamic IT will not make any refund, as they are capable of providing the committed services, but in case of any exceptional issues, they can refund partial or full contract amounts considering the situation.
  3. Wise Dynamic IT does not take any liability or give any guaranteed service for any service provided by any third party. For example, Facebook marketing or Google Ads, etc. because they have their own service modality, and are controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  4. For any discounted contract or service agreement, full contract value should be paid in advance, and the change or revision will be very much limited. Clients are requested to understand the feasibility of the service received upon discount. In addition, no refund claim is applicable for any discounted contract.
  5. Finally, if there is any subject to refund, it may take usually 7 days but a maximum of 30 days for the settlement.